King Richard’s Faire Point Nun Report

Greetings all,

On Saturday, October 6 several of the Boston Sisters converged on King Richards Faire for a day of revelry and kilts. Sister Esther O. Gen arrived in the late morning and was able to connect with the Faire’s cast (including an out-of-face Sr. Angie O’Plasty) and discuss plans for the Kilt Contest later in the day. With duties established, Esther was joined by Sr. Teresa Glass, Sr. Aria Inyette, Pst. Pax Romona, Pst. G, and an out-of-face Pst. Bee Big. The group explored the many offerings of the faire, including a beautiful aerial silks performance, impressive jousting by the knights of the realm, a hilarious show from the Washing Wenches, and delicious goodies from several vendors.
At 4:00 PM, the group gathered with the cast at the King’s Stage for the annual kilt competition. Esther was selected to serve as a judge and, after giving a brief speech about the Sisters, got to work evaluating contestants for Best Kilt, Best Display of the Tartan Colors, and Most Muscular. After finalists in each category were selected, a hilarious display of chivalry ensued with each contestant fetching fair maiden Boe Peep’s stuffed lamb and returning it to her on the balcony. After the winners were selected by audience applause, the Sisters gathered for some pictures, thanked the staff, and resumed wandering the faire. After filling up on some final snacks and entertainment, the group departed the faire with many fond memories and full bellies.
Yours in love and glitter,
Sister Esther O. Gen

Author: May