Farm To Table Dinner For Provincetown Theatre

Greetings Sisters & Supporters!
     On Tuesday, October 16, Point Nun Sister Eunice X was joined by Sister KrisTall Mighty as volunteers to assist in the first ever Farm To Table dinner at the Pilgrim House in Provincetown in support of the Provincetown Theatre.
     It was a beautiful fall day on the Cape, with clear blue skies and a light breeze off the water.  We arrived just prior to doors open at 5:30 PM and greeted all entering guests with smiles and hugs, offered each their choice of sparkling water or wine (just as Jesus would have done), and then directed them towards the registration and silent auction tables.  During the opening reception we circulated, getting to know the thespians and supporters.
     Once the main dining room was opened, we ushered the guests to their seats and then assisted the Pilgrim House staff and other PT volunteers to serve the five course meal, bringing to each table an array of delectable dishes elegantly plated and then retrieving the nearly entirely cleaned plates back to the kitchen.  We poured more water and wine and water and wine.
     We then joined in the live auction, with Sister KrisTall sharing the mic with a local drag entertainer while Sister Eunice helped to spot bidders on the floor.  After the evening’s festivities, we said goodnight to each guest as they departed, and then we ourselves defaced and departed directly for Boston.
     Overall we had a fantastic time. The event netted over $20K for the Provincetown Theatre, and there was much rejoicing!

Much love and respect,

Sr. Eunice X

Author: May