Lesley University Modeling

On a wet, dreary, and cold April afternoon, Sister Gloria LeLuia and Postulant Esther O. Gen headed to Novice Aria Inyette’s humble abode to begin manifestation for the Sisters’ second annual appearance at Lesley University’s fashion illustration course, taught by longtime friend-of-the-Sisters Sarah Gay.

The Sisters arrived fifteen minutes ahead of schedule — if you can believe it — and went to Lesley’s College of Art and Design where they met with Sarah. The four of them walked to the studio where the class would be held and — after being given permission — The Sisters raided the prop closet before the students arrived. A bowl of lemons to match Gloria’s dress. Teapots so Esther could “spill the tea.” And an armless, legless mannequin whom The Sisters named “Art.” All this and more was extracted from the prop closet.

Once the students arrived, Gloria plugged in her zip drive and gave a short Powerpoint presentation on who The Sisters were and why fashion plays such an important role in the work they do. This was followed by a question and answer section by the students who were so enthralled by The Sisters, they had tons of great questions!

SHOWTIME!! Once the conversation was over, The Sisters mounted the platform and began posing for ten minute intervals (a lot more difficult than it sounds). In order to give the students the option for “quick sketching,” Novice Aria painted her face in the classroom. After about six poses — and a couple of breaks in between — the students put their works out on their workspaces and had a mini “show.” The Sisters and students walked around the room, looked at all of the gorgeous pieces, admired the variety of styles, laughed at the humor in some of the illustrations, and applauded all of the supremely talented art students.

Following the “gallery,” The Sisters hung out to take photos with the students and answer any additional questions and just have a nice, casual chat with everyone. The entire class was super friendly and welcoming — many of them saying we were their favorite models of the year.

The Sisters piled back into Esther’s car and headed back to Aria’s abode for demanifestation. And it was good.

Author: Webmaster