Ironsides Cheerleading

Greetings Sisters and supporters,

On Saturday, April 15 Point Postulant Esther O. Gen was joined at the Estherway to Heaven by Novice Sister Yonica Phallico and Aspirant Nick to prepare to cheer on the Boston Ironsides in a home match against the Monadnock Wolfpack. The trio drove to the field where they were met by sponsor Sister Teresa Glass. The group walked over to the game and found Saint Meg-a-Pixel a secular Guard Ian Night and later a secular Sister Rosetta Stone. After a brief explanation of the rules, the Sisters took to cheering on the teams throughout the game while also chatting with the other supporters. After the match, the Sisters joined the teams for some pictures.

After dropping Esther off at her home, the rest of the group headed to the Alley Bar to join the teams in the post-match drink up. Each team nominated individuals for “Man of the Match” and the whole crew enjoyed pitchers (and the occasional cleat) of PBR. Rugby songs were sang and a merry time was had. At last, the Sisters departed the drink up, demanifested, and safely arrived home.

Love always,

Postulant Esther O. Gen

Author: Webmaster