Sister Bingo for Greater Boston PFLAG


[Sister Gloria LeLuia poses with Tom Bourdon, the Greater Boston PFLAG representative]

On March 9th, Sisters Gloria LeLuia and Sandra Musique arrived at Club Café for another monthly Bingo! Once there, they were greeted by Sisters KrisTall Mighty, Lida Christ, Luvinya Always, Rosetta Stone, and Tori D’Affair, as well as Novice Donna Condom and Aspirant Devin. They also met with the new Bingo cohost, Mizery, who will be taking over for the fabulous Saint Constance “the B-9” Waverly.

The night started as many others, with a “Bingo for your supper” round at seven pm, the winner receiving a coupon for a free entrée at Club Café. After which, The Sisters and Mizery set out to raise as much money as they possibly could for Greater Boston PFLAG, a group who does outreach programs in local high schools, colleges, workplaces, and churches to ensure that everyone is educated on what life is truly like as a member of the LGBT community and why acceptance of these people is so crucial for our community. The Sisters were inspired by the words of the gorgeous Tom Bourbon, the representative from PFLAG who attended Bingo to speak about their group.

After a couple of hours of Bingo, The Sisters took an hour hiatus for the airing of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Boston’s very own drag queen superstar, Katya, was unfortunately in the bottom two of the episode, but pulled out some amazing moves during the final lip-synch to save herself. The entire club burst into cheers and applause when she was announced as safe.

Following Drag Race, Sister Rosetta played her now-famous round of “Ten for Ten at Ten”, giving out ten prizes each valued at least ten dollars at ten o’clock pm. Always a crowd favorite. More rounds were played and finally, at around eleven-thirty, Sisters Sandra and Gloria decided that the crowd had had enough and called it a night. All in all, The Sisters raised $764 for PFLAG. While this total was great in its own right, it was made even more special by the realization that this money put Sister Bingo’s grand total over $40,000!!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us to reach this tremendous milestone in just over four years!

Author: Webmaster