MassBearz Harbor Cruise

NSr Tori, Srs Eunice, KrisTall, Rosetta, and Saint Best Bi gathered at the convent and after manifesting drive over to the Seaport District to meet up with the MassBearz group, hosting a harbor cruise to benefit The Standup Foundation.

We met up with Carla at the dock. Boat boarded at 5:30, and sailed from 6-9 pm. Our contact, John Prince, arranged for some volunteers to help the Sisters with raffle sales. We broke up into teams of four and three, and hit the decks, selling raffle tickets even before we left the dock.

The raffle was a 50/50, and sales progressed rapidly. The sisters’ efforts resulting in raising $1,385 by the point of when we sat down to combine the tickets and count the funds. Rosette split the pot $692 to go to the raffle winner, and $693 remitted to MassBearz. Kristall and Tori snagged another $6 while Rosetta was splitting up the bills.

The event attendees were welcoming and interested in the sisters’ presence. Many pictures were taken, and Tori’s hairy legs got him a raft of phone numbers (semi final auditions begin next week).

As we came back into Boston harbor, Jeff from MassBearz got on the mic and did the thank you’s. We were included especially in the thank you’s.

After disembarking, the four sisters retired to la Rosa Mexicano across from the pier entrance (second time this week), and relished a dinner (again).

Author: Webmaster