North Shore Pride

On Saturday, June 30 Sisters Eunice X and Sandra Musique and Novice Sister Frieda B Fabulous met up at the Convent to jump into the Nun Bus for a trip to Salem for the inaugural North Shore Pride. En route they swung by Malden to pick Sister Ima Miracle before arriving at the Salem Chamber of Commerce where they manifested. As they were finishing manifesting they were joined by the lovely Gigi Gill and her entourage. They all went to a local bar to share a bloody mary before heading to the parade starting point. They met up with Sister Rosetta Stone’s secular self and Sister friend Jason Kole. The Sisters mingled with the other groups and took pictures until it was time to march. When the Sisters arrived at the festival at the end of parade, they took more pictures, mingled with more lovely people and celebrated Salem’s first Pride. Before heading home, they all went out to lunch together, then trotted home to deface and unwind.

Author: Webmaster