Ministry of Presence at Machine’s All-Star Monday

Photo Courtesy of Corey Banda

On Monday, February 10th [after a very successful (and exhausting) night at Sister Bingo], Sister Ima Miracle and Novice Sisters Gloria LeLuia and Lida Christ piled into Lida’s car and headed to Machine Nightclub in Boston’s Fenway district for a ministry of presence and safer-sex packet distribution.

We were greeted on our way in by Lili Whiteass, the hostess of the evening’s stage show “All-Star Mondays.” She seemed very pleased to see us and welcomed us with open arms (and air kisses). We entered the club and began mingling with the crowd, handing out packets, and having a couple of cocktails.

The show began at 12:30am and The Sisters were amazed by the talent brought to the stage. After the show, we networked with a couple of the performers to see if they’d care to perform for benefits for us; one of the performers even said she was interested in joining the Order.

Ima later had a very deep heart-to-heart with a gentleman who was going through some relationship issues. Gloria met a very lovely trans woman who had recently moved to Boston and they discussed her life as a trans woman in NYC. Lida, meanwhile, met up with a bartender who works at Boston’s Paradise Nightclub who told her that our presence there a few weeks prior was greatly appreciated and that patrons of the establishment were dying to have us back soon. She then spent most of the second half of the evening tearing up the dance floor and passing out packets.

Before leaving, we were asked by a very nice gentleman by the name of Milo to pose for some pictures by their photo shoot wall. Always the shy and demure ones, we ran to the spotlight and began voguing to our hearts’ content. We even made a contact with the event’s official photographer, Corey Banda and will most likely be seeing him in the future.

All in all, the presence was a big success; a lot of fun was had, some serious discussions were had, and the image of The Sisters was introduced to a lot of new people.

We three nuns then piled ourselves back into Lida’s car, headed to McDonald’s for some late night carb-loading, and then headed home.

Author: Webmaster