WORSHIP! @ Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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Where can you go to beat this cold, wet weather?
Where can you find nuns dancing to their hearts’ content?
Where can you throw donations at hot, scantily clad rugby players?
Where can you win amazing prizes and compete in a Jesus and Mary costume contest?


Why, at WORSHIP! of course.

WORSHIP! is a club party thrown in connection with Boston’s famous “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” at Great Scott in Allston. There will be music provided by DJ Colby Drasher, a stage show at midnight, and Sisters on the microphones. It’s sure to be a great night, so put on your church finest or dress as Jesus or Mary for our costume contest and come out!!

Donations given to WORSHIP! come back to the community in amazing ways. The Boston Sisters’ newly formed Grant Fund will be given out to community organizations at a yearly event. For more information on this program, please visit the Grants page on this site.

Author: Webmaster