Mirabar Block Party Benefiting AIDS Ocean State

On Saturday, August 6, Sr.’s Eunice X and KrisTall Mighty were joined at the Convent by NvSr.’s Teresa Solution and Sandra Musique at 6:30pm to manifest for the Mirabar Block Party benefiting AIDS Care Ocean State (ACOS). The Sisters, along with the ever-charming Saint Best Bi, packed into the Nun Bus at 9:00pm and headed down to Providence for our 11:00pm call time. When we arrived we had time to spare so we met up with our hostess, Kitty Litter, and greeted the crowd until it was time for us to work. The Sisters were responsible for running 3 carnival games and the Dunk Tank. Although the crowd was more interested in spending their money on drinks than on the Ring Toss, we still managed to bring in customers and make some money. One of the highlights of the evening, aside from the underwear-clad shots boys, was meeting a charming young man from Western Mass. KrisTall found him looking lost and upset and asked him if he was ok. He told her he’d lost his friend and she told him if he needed a ride to get to his hotel safely, the Sisters would be happy to take him. This really struck home for him and he later told us that it was wonderful that a complete stranger would offer to see him safely home without any quid pro quo. KrisTall brought him over to the other Sisters and we spend the next 20 minutes sharing the Ministry of Perpetual Indulgence and our Sistory with him. His friend later turned up and we were able to tell her about ourselves, too. Just as we were leaving Providence, the skies opened and the storm that had been threatening all night let loose. At 3:30am, a group of tired Sisters were all home in Boston.

Author: Webmaster