Mr. Boston Leather 2011

Sister Eunice X and Kris Tall Mighty, Novice Sister Pure Elle, Sandra Musique, and Teresa Solution, and last Aspirant Bimea Ferrari convened at the convent to get ready. All were ready to go in record time. We headed out to Ramrod and were joined by Novice Sister Dearest Caught in Headlights. The Contest started out with Novice Sister Pure Elle giving a blessing. Then the sisters divided up and went to selling raffle tickets. During the ceremony, Sister Eunice X and Sister Kris Tall Mighty we inducted in to Mama’s Family (from San Francisco). Total raffle sales were $484, with a 50/50 raffle, $242 going to the Waltham House. Side Note: Sister Kris Tall Mighty was tied up on the pool table. After the raffle, the Sisters showed ministry of presence, before headed back to the convent to deface.

Author: Webmaster