MNEL 2018

Dear Sisters, Guards, Saints and Sinners ūüėČ
On Friday evening, November 16, Sister Shiny Brite, Guard Ian Knight, and Sister Hellen Damnation created a blessing for the MNEL 2018 competition over dinner at Bayside Betsy’s in PTown (out of face).
On Saturday, Sister Hellen Damnation‚ÄĒescorted by friend of sisters Gregory‚ÄĒarrived at the Crown and Anchor to coordinate roles and responsibilities with boy Brad. Shortly thereafter, Sister Shiny Brite and Guard Ian Knight joined her for the evening.
Prior to the start of the event and during intermission, Srs, Hellen & Shiny, along with Guard Ian helped raise more than $725 to support AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod. The Sisters were well received throughout the course of the event.
Following the evening, Sr. Hellen (escorted by Gregory) returned to her room to demanifest, while Sr. Shiny and Ian remained at the venue to continue spreading universal joy.
On Sunday, November 18, Srs. Shiny and Hellen, along with Guard Ian attended the final MNEL brunch, sold more raffle tickets, and finished the event having raised more than $1100.
All left PTown happy, safely, and ready to conquer the world for nonjudgemebtalism.
Yours in love and light,

Author: May