Mr. Boston Leather 2011

With Nsr. Ana, Pst. Sandra, Nsr. Opheilia, and the Sister’s great new otter friend Craig I went to greet and congratulate our dear Mr. Boston Leather on his Birthday this past Saturday the 11th of March. We brought the bucket and collected for the Rainbow World Fund’s Tsunami victim fund. We raised just over a hundred and eleven dollars combined with the previous week’s work at Wednesday at Bee Hive brought out total to 142.00.

We had a great time socializing and utilizing condom ministry. We also headed down stairs to join the revelry of the Lesbians during Machine’s Lesbian night. We were well received and accepted by all. We walked home to the convent the as the hour of our daylight savings time dropped away stealing one more hour of sleep from our clutches. Oh how the bags under our dear Sandra’s eyes swelled as that hour slipped away……

But we all looked great, had a wonderful time and made some great contacts for leather outfits.

Sorry for the delay and if I missed someone, I apologize in advance. I am still not 100%.


Author: Webmaster