Mr. Boston Leather Send-Off

On May 14th, 2011, Sister KrisTall Mighty and Postulants Lois Carmen Dominator and Sandra Musique met at Ramrod for Mr Boston Leather 2011’s Send Off to International Mr Leather. While they waited for people to arrive at Ramrod, the Sisters introduced themselves to the block-long line of people waiting to get in to Machine for their monthly Dyke Night event. They passed out cards, took photographs and generally kept people from being bored while they waited to get into the club.

At the Ramrod, the Sisters were each paired up with a partner to sell raffle tickets. The Sisters handled the money and collecting the tickets, while their partner handled the crowd. Unfortunately, the total amount of the raffle sales wasn’t announced while the Sisters were present, but judging from the fullness of the raffle bucket, and the smiles on the faces in the crowd, a lot of money was raised.

Before leaving for the evening, the Sisters were asked to give a Blessing for Dave on his trip to Mr International Leather. Postulant Lois Carmen Dominator delivered the Blessing, wishing Dave a safe and successful journey.

Author: Webmaster