NBC10 Engagement & Tech Bingo in Support of CYT

At 1700, Srs. Eunice X, KrisTall Mighty, and Lida Christ were joined by Postulant Isaiah Prayer at Hellen’s Home to meet NBC10 News and Lifestyle Reporter Jackie Bruno and her cameraman. Srs. Eunice and Lida took the task of facing up on camera while participating in masterful interviews with Jackie that covered everything from the Order’s mission, individual missions/motivations, the Order and House’s history, and even make-up tips. Jackie was very pleased with the outcome and feels she got what’s needed to tell our story to her viewers. At approximately 6:30 Srs. Eunice, LIda, and Postulant Isaiah departed for Club Cafe with NBC10 following.Soon after, KTM arrived with the tech bingo and raffle prizes accompanied by FoS Jerome.
When I arrived at Club Cafe around 7:30, the first round of bingo was in full swing, and Eunice and Lida were selling tickets along with Srs. Tori D’Affair and Amanda Tyanwhip, and NSrs. Bee Big and Faith N. Humanity. When the completely packed Club Cafe was saturated with bingo cards sold, KTM and Amanda grabbed the novices and postulant and set out to sell raffle tickets.
Throughout the evening, we were all joined by a secular Gloria Leluia, Teresa Glass, and Postulant Gina.
The event concluded around 2300 with most Sisters either de-manifesting at Club Cafe, or checking-in when arriving home safely in face.

Author: May