NEU Drag Show

Greetings Sisters and Supporters,

On Tuesday April 11, Point Postulant Esther O. Gen was joined at a friend’s apartment by Sister Luvinya Always and Postulant Thomas to manifest for Queen Husky, a student drag show put on by NU Pride, an LGBTQ group at Northeastern University. The group was joined later by Sister Teresa Glass, the FPM sponsor of the event, who was attending out of face. After many practiced elevator pitches and a few melted faces due to the delightful spring temperatures, the four walked to AfterHours in the Curry Student Center for the event.
Upon arriving, Sisters chatted with the student performers and explained who we are and why we were there, including a discussion with a reporter from the Huntington News, the campus paper. When the event began, the Sisters moved to the back of the crowd to cheer on the fabulous student performances. Around halfway through the event there was an audience dance-off for which the Postulants encouraged volunteers and selected the participants. After this dance-off, the Sisters were invited to the stage and Esther delivered a warmly received introduction of the Sisters to the crowd. A few delightful performances followed and then the crowd dispersed. The Sisters socialized with a few performers and audience members.
After the drag show, the group decided to go to Club Cafe for dinner and drinks, with a small ministry of presence to boot.
At the end of the night, Thomas and Luvinya traveled home via private vehicle, Esther returned home via her car, and Teresa made use of Hubway after accompanying Esther to the vehicle. All made it home safely.
Love always,
Postulant Esther O. Gen

Author: Webmaster