North Shore Pride

Dear Sisters & Supporters,
     On Saturday, June 24, Point Nun Sister Eunice X was joined at The Convent for communal facing by Sisters Teresa Glass and Grace A’Gawd, as well as Postulant Lyv Longandprosper.  They were soon joined by Novice Sister Hellen Damnation and Guard Ian Knight, and the six rode the Nun Bus to the Pride staging grounds, where they were soon joined by Sisters Rosetta Stone, Sandra Musique, Frieda B. Fabulous, and Gloria LeLuia, as well as Novice Sisters Aria Inyette, Angie O’Plasty, and Penelope Crude, and Postulants Harry Magdalene and Gina.  (I sincerely hope I’m not leaving anyone out – we’ve gotten so big!).  We were also joined by supporters Kevin, Jimmy, John, and Joe.
     The parade kicked off shortly after noon, just as the Nuns of the Above must have been smiling down upon us because the clouds parted and the drizzle ceased.  The route to the Salem Common was short and sweet, and the crowd was very enthusiastic and welcoming.  Once at the Common we rested from the heat and humidity for a short while and then regrouped to form a Sister wall in front of the megaphone-enabled fundamentalists.  For about an hour, we stood with our backs to the zealots and our smiles and outstretched hug-ready arms to the Pride celebrants.  And oh so many lovely hugs were exchanged.  We demonstrated our passion for equality and shared our love with our community – and I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this in Salem for the sixth year in a row that North Shore Pride has been in existence.
     Afterward, several of us met at Nat’s at the Hawthorne Hotel for a fabulous lunch, including AC!  Bonus – the service and food were both quite wonderful.
     And then we made our way back to Boston, said our goodbyes, and there was much rejoicing.
Much love and respect,
Sister Eunice X

Author: Webmaster