How to Fix the World Festival

Dearest Sisters, Guard, and supporters,

On Sunday June 18th, Point Novice Sister May Flower and NvSr. Aria Inyette were joined by Guard Ian Knight, Sr. Lida Christ, and NvSr. Penelope Crude for communal manifestation at the House of Youth and Asia. The five then took a quick drive to Union Square in Somerville where the outdoor festival would begin.
The day featured tables from different activists, artists, and musicians ranging from visual art, petition signing, and performance art. The Sisters traveled the crowds and conversed with the festival goers to introduce them to how we try to ‘fix’ the world through the promulgation of universal joy and the expiation of stigmatic guilt.
After a couple hours of mingling and multiple performances, the participants all came together to create a parade through the square that culminated in a rally on the main stage.
The rally included different chants including one done by NvSr. May Flower who invited the crowd to be a sister for a day and by reciting our creed along with saying “I am perfect today! I will be perfect tomorrow!”
The Sisters were well received, and were thanked by the City of Somerville. We expressed our thanks for being invited to participate in such an uplifting event.
The crew then went back to the House of Youth and Asian to demanifest.
Forever in bloom,
NvSr. May Flower

Author: Webmaster