Opening Day Tea Dance at dBar for BLC

On Sunday, September 25th, I opened my Rectory to NSister Rosetta Stone and Sister KrisTall Mighty at 2:00 for facing. Rosetta left her shirt (I’ll bring it Tuesday)

After facing, we exited my Rectory for a ride in the Mobile Tablet headed towards DBAR. We were a few minutes early and received a quick orientation from Marc Devino. In a blink of a glittered eyelash (or 30-45 minutes) DBAR seemed at capacity, so it became hard to move around. We moved through the crowd offering two types of raffle tickets, one for a 50/50 and the other for a so-called Chinese raffle (essentially a hybrid between a raffle and a silent auction (23 various items), which clearly was a hit). At one point, Rosetta and I moved through the crowd to promote the dunk-tank after KirsTall gave a harrowing announcement of its opening. Just before it opened, however, some staffers asked for a photo shoot and another person dunked the hunk….splashing me with water. Moist. After toweling off, making another round and offering our presence as the event sponsors were announced, we made our exit from a completely packed venue.

Although we have yet to receive a final report from BLC or Marc about the success of the event, we do know that there were probably 100-150 people present, and it was a suggested donation of $10.00 at the door (I’ll cross my fingers for $1,000+). The 50/50 raised $205.00 (before payout), and the Chinese raffle raised $465.00. We also received a donation of $3.00. In total, we helped the BLC raise $673.00. Let’s hope the BLC made some good funds at the door too!

Respectfully submitted,

Bimea Ferrari

Author: Webmaster