Drag Bingo at Club Cafe

Novice Sisters Rosetta Stone, Teresa Solution and Sandra Musique and Aspirant Richard met up Club Cafe on Monday, September 12 to manifest for our monthly charity drag bingo night with Constance Waverly. The charity that evening was Harbor to the Bay. Rosetta and Teresa got to CC at 5 because they needed to go next door to the Boston Living Center to present a check. Sandra and Richard came a little later so fortunately there was no fighting for mirror space. The night was a success with alternating free and charity rounds of bingo as well as live-singing drag performances by Constance Waverly and Roxy Pops. By the time they had all left at midnight, the Sisters raised $320 for Harbor to the Bay and had laid their hands (in a very spiritual way) on a number of the bingo guests.


Author: Webmaster