Penny Drive Benefiting Harbor to the Bay

On September 5th, Sisters Rosetta Stone, Freida B. Fabulous, and Sandra Musique joined Novice Sister Luvinya Always, Postulant Shiny Bright, newly re-named Postulant Donna Condom, Aspirant Angela, and Altered Boy Stephen. The evening started late due to weather, with Rosetta, Shiny, Stephen, and Luvinya arriving at Club Cafe shortly after 7:30. The nuns quickly got to work chatting with patrons, eating nachos, and fundraising like fiends.

Afterwards, the Sisters treked over to Trophy Room and then Cathedral Station, where Rosetta and Luvinya promptly spanked two different birthday boys in front of a large crowd. Each “show” raised a substantial amount of money, well over the recommended $1 per celebratory birthday spank! Both Trophy Room and Cathedral Station welcomed us warmly, and should be considered as staple stops for future penny drives.

After Cathedral Station, the nuns were feeling exhausted, but attempted to fundraise for around an hour at the Beehive. The patrons received us well, and the establishment loved us. Once we couldn’t bear to stay awake any longer, we walked over to Club Cafe, attempted some quick last-minute fundraising, and adjourned.

Overall, the Sisters raised $604 before square fees! Huzzah!

Author: Webmaster