Penny Drive for Fenway Health

On Saturday, April 5, Point Nun Sister Eunice was joined at The Convent for communal facing by Sisters Sandra Musique and KrisTall Mighty, As well as Novice Sisters Lida Christ and Luvinya Always. And it has to be said that While Lida had previously found self-expression in her manifestations, Luvinya has really now come into her own as well. And they both looked truly amazing!
By 6:00 PM we were ready to hit the streets, armed with two large buckets labeled for Fenway, a soft goal of $1000 and a hard goal of $750, and a dream. We first slowly made our way up Newbury and then down Boylston, stopping very frequently for explanations, photos, and donations. After passing through the Prudential Mall and such, we found ourselves joyfully tithing the patrons at Club Cafe (with Frank’s blessing of course – thank you!!!!).
     We took our dinner break and then made a long overdue visit to the generously staffed and frequented Bee Hive. And while the Caribbean jazz band played we shook down the unexpecting but mostly delighted, mostly metrosexual crowd.
At The Eagle, we met with a cast member of the touring Book of Mormon, as well as a gaggle of Canadians who apparently arrived strangers and (thanks to Sr. KrisTall) left as a would-be 6-way!
We cabbed it to Paradise and made a visit to the STD and rapid-test vans out front to learn about how we could help promote their efforts. Once inside Paradise, we found the management welcoming and the hot cruising and dancing men very happy to donate, and also pleased to know there was a free and very important health option parked just outside the club.  We also ran into the secular manifestation of our very own, dear NSr. Agnes, who was out with friends.
In the end, we raised approximately $790 (final total pending credit card fees from $15 in Swipes). And we gave out two ITH playing card decks and also sold one for $10.
And there was much rejoicing!
Much love and respect,
Sr. Eunice X

Author: Webmaster