Point Nun Report: Dyke March Bingo 6/10/2024

The bingo at Club Cafe this Pride month was not our most well attended event, but the audience stepped forward to make up for their lack of numbers with joy and exuberance. In fact the passion of the audience was strong, Sister Rosetta felt the need to make them race forward to win extra prizes in a spectacular event that should never be recorded for fear of OSHA moving violations.

A veritable army of nuns were in attendance including Sister Tori D’Affair, Postulant Sister Cheri Tonin, Novice Sister Ava Cado, Novice Sister Betty Esem, Sister Rosetta Stone, Sister Brother Freddie Anne Willing and Sister Judy B Good.

In the end we managed to raise several hundred more dollars to make sure the Dyke March can continue their amazing work. We even got to celebrate Judy’s birthday.

Author: Betty Esem