Point Nun Report: Gear Beer Bust 12/11

Sr. Freddie Anne Willing picked up Pst. Judy B. Good and Sr Alison Chains to manifest at the abode of Sr Ima Miracle. They descended on Dorchester Brewing Company for Gear Beer Bust, hosted by Saint Ulysses, the Leather Gentleman. They sold raffle tickets and helped out at the door, checking vaccination cards. At 6:55pm Sr Freddie stopped the show to announce that the kitchen was closing, so anyone who wanted BBQ pork or brisket better get downstairs RIGHT NOW to put in their orders. And last call on raffle tickets. The raffles were drawn and prices given away, and then Ulysses held a surprise auction for his leather Santa hat, which sold for $160! All told, the raffle raised $600 cash + Venmo sales, proceeds going to AIDS Care Ocean State. A fun night was had by all!

Author: Freddie.Anne Willing