Point Nun Report: Through a Rainbow Lens – 6/5/24

On Wednesday evening, of an already very full Pride Month, Sister Brother Freddie Anne Willing and Sister Stella Tension-Hor found their way to the Lynn Museum for the grand unveiling of their latest exhibit on the queer history of the city.

With the help of the History Project and Mass Humanities they were able to put together something truly incredible. For a city known for being the City of Sin, there was nothing but love and strength of community in the room tonight, even as we commemorated some times that were brutally difficult.

A panel of wonderful speakers walked us through some key points, from their latest efforts to bring Pride to the city, to its history of having a thriving number of gay bars where people could find each other behind closed doors.

You can see the exhibit in person, and experience many of its interviews online as well.


The history is still being written. If you were a part of Lynn’s queer history, please reach out to them.


Author: Betty Esem