Point Nun Report: United Lynn Pride Community Dinner

Sister Brother Freddie Anne Willing was proud to represent the Sisters at the United Lynn Pride’s Community Meal after the Lynn flag raising. This year’s meal was a potluck and Freddie made sure to load up the Subaru with drinks for the Sister’s contribution.

Good food, laughter, and community connection was had by all.

Before people started parting ways Sister Brother Freddie was sure to get everyone’s attention and thank the hosts of the meal St Stephen’s Episcopal Memorial Church. St Stephen’s has been a pillar of the Lynn community since its founding during the Civil War, with a rich history of activism including starting Lynn’s first homeless shelter and running a very active food pantry. The Convent of the Commonwealth voted to Saint the entire congregation last year, and it was time to present their certificate and shower them with well earned praise. The community gathered cheered uproariously knowing full well the work that St Stephen’s had done and continues to do.

By the end, Freddie was feeling weak and the certificate was nowhere to be found. Ms Lu, representing the power of her congregation, was able to reach down into the wells of her soul and produce a size 13, 6.3 inch, knee high shiny black boot. Thus Freddie was miraculously heeled, and the certificate produced for all to see.

Congratulations to St Stevie Lynn the Weaver, Saint of the Convent of the Commonwealth. May the city of Lynn always know you’re shining presence.

Author: Betty Esem