Rhode Island Pride

On Friday night, Sisters Aria Inyette, Teresa Glass, Novice Guard Isaiah Prayer, Novice Sister Faith N. Humanity and her husband Ed Hammond met up secular at Blakes Tavern for a lovely dinner and drinks.  After dinner, Teresa headed to Providence Eagle on a mission.  The rest of us went to the Dark Lady’s block party to see local drag queens preform and warm up the crowd before 80’s girl band Expose took the stage.  After the show we were met by a secular Harrie Magdalepe.  We hung out for a little longer.  Ed retired back to the hotel.  Then we headed to Providence Eagle’s block party to see what kind of shenanigans Teresa got herself into.  We found Teresa having a great time.  We had a few more drinks and Faith said her good nights around 1:30 am and headed back to her hotel and the rest followed later.

On Saturday morning at 10 am, a secular Faith went to check out the room at Hotel Providence to make sure everything was ok and to drop off a few things.  Faith was impressed with the size of the room and was not expecting one that big.  Faith went back to her hotel room and went to have breakfast with her husband and Aria, Harrie, Teresa and Isaiah had breakfast together.  Faith manifested in her hotel room at The Dean.  Aria, Harrie, Teresa and Isaiah manifested in their room at the Marriott.  Rosie and Ima made it to Hotel Providence to manifest there.  About 1:45, Aria, Harrie, Teresa and Isaiah left their room ordered a lyft and headed to Hotel Providence to meet Rosie and Ima.  From there they went to The Dean to get Faith and some sister swag to hand out then headed up to PrideFest.  Along the way we wished people Happy Pride and was wished it back.  Stoped for some pictures, handed out some pins and fans.  We all got mom hugs.  After a 15 minute walk, we made it to PrideFest around 2 which was already packed with people.  We met and talked to a lot of people, had lots of pictures taken, spread lots of love and joy.  People told us stories about them or loved ones(one women was so happy to meet us, she stated to cry telling us about her brother who passed away a few years ago).  About one quarter of the way through, we had given out all our sister swag we had brought with us.  Lida informed us at 3:30 that she arrived at Hotel Providence.  Ima got interviewed by the Providence Journal.  We got three quarters of the way through PrideFest and realized that it was 4:45 and we had to leave and could not continue.  We made it out of PrideFest and headed to check in at the staging area.  Just before Aria and Faith checked in, Faith told everyone to go rest and grab some food we will regroup between 6-6:30 at the Dean Hotel to grab the rest of the things we needed for the parade.   Rosie and Ima went back to Hotel Providence, Teresa went in search of food.  Aria, Faith, Isaiah and Harrie checked in and saw where we had to line up.  Aria, Isaiah and Harrie headed back to their hotel and Faith headed back to her hotel.  Faith did a quick dress and shoe change and started gathering up the things we needed.  Teresa joined Faith and Ed showed up with some pizza for Faith.  Faith’s niece and nephew and a friend of theirs came by to help carry things.  Aria, Isaiah and Harrie showed up at 6:30  to help bring stuff to Hotel Providence.  At this time people was already picking their spot to watch the parade.  We made it to Hotel Providence.  Grace and Liz met us there.  We all scrambled to get things ready.  Lida did a sound check.
We all left Hotel Providence around 7 and headed to the staging area.  By this time the crowds was getting bigger.   We crossed the street in front of PPAC and there was a big applause and yell from the crowd when they saw the sisters.  We made it to our spot in the staging area.  Lida did another sound check.  Faith hooked up some lights to our carts. Saint  Meg-A-Pixel joined us.  We started to put together our banner and adjusted the lights.  We were joined by Faiths friends Joe, Luke, James and Nick.  Faiths husband Ed joined in also.  We were ready.  Joe and Luke held the banner looking sexy with their shirts off and abs showing with harness and light up wings.  Faiths niece and nephew pushed the carts with the speaker and sister swag that we handed out.  Once the parade started and we got to move, we could hear the crowds yelling.  Once we saw the crowd, it was amazing.  Everyone was yelling “We love you”, “Happy Pride”, throwing kisses at us and wanted to shake our hands.  Everyone wanted our glow sticks and other sisters swag.  We gave out everything we had.  Lida kept talking to the crowd and kept them going.  We set off 18 confetti canons throughout the parade route and we were clacking fans the hole time.   We made it to the judge’s table.  Lida said our creed, said Happy Pride, Live Your Truth, we clacked our fans and set off the last of the canons and we were on our way.  We all went back to Hotel Providence to clean up.  Lex and his boyfriend showed up at the hotel to say Hi and said we looked amazing.  Faith left with her niece and nephew.  They helped bring things back to the Dean and their mom was on the way to pick them up.  Rosie, Ima and Lida cleaned up and changed.  Rosie took Ima and Lida home along with a box of trash. Meg went on her way.  Gloria and Liz went on their way.  Aria, Isaiah and Harrie went for food and Teresa went on her way.
Faith cleaned her self up into her boy self and headed out with her husband to Ego’s block party.  She was still on a high from the parade she partied till 3:30 am.  She got a lot of text from the sisters who was in the parade on how much fun they had.
Fun was had by all on this magical day!  Thank you all for your support in making this a huge success.  Looking forward to next year.

Novice Sister Faith N. Humanity
Photo: Meg Birnbaum

Author: May