School One Penny Drive

Dear Sisters,

Today I was joined by N. Sister Rosetta Stone, Gianna, Jane, Zachary, Owen, Sue, and Caylyn to raise money for the School One Scholarship Fund. A huge success raising $230 + in 2 hours time !

We began our tour by walking the Blackstone Blvd in Providence at 9:30 am with Owen who is two and Zachary, aged 10 in tow! As we strolled, both joggers and walkers gleefully cheered us on and/or acknowledged us warmly. We had the compliment of a couple of different people recognize us as being dressed as nuns. Also, Sue commented that one of the joggers said “bless you sister!” in passing to me. We handed out cards and answered any questions that the passers had.

Once we arrived at market, we strolled the booths and introduced ourselves explaining our mission with School One. Folks reached willingly without asking to donate! When counting…Sister Rosetta found a HOT FIFTY spot! GO PROVIDENCE! We met a lovely young lady named Adelaide (maybe 3) who loved to look at us, a couple celebrating anniversary, an artist who then introduced us to eco ri, and various other folks who just wanted a pic and to compliment us! It was a blast and it really helped to have representation from School One available along with the kids!!! It really touched me that Zachary and Owen just bounced along with us and raised not a brow.

The various vendors at market also welcomed us with open arms and donated too! We gave out more cards and reminded them that we were here for them and to reach out. One of the vegetable gardeners who had not had the opportunity to have children of her own took me on as her daughter for the moment!!! While looking around, three men knew who we were and introduced themselves. Two of them a couple and a gentleman named Steve who knows Sr. Grace Cathedral (I think.) Sr Rosetta offered a “perpetual indulgence” to John!

Once on our way back to (1.5 miles) to the cars a driver pulled over and asked for a picture! Not only was he a ridiculously HOT DILF! he was super nice! A local of the area…he told us directly that he was glad to see that we were bringing this to the BLVD. He made mention that more of this needed to happen! He reached into his pocket and of course…handed over a cash donation! A real sweet guy!

We have been invited to give a blessing to a newly built playground in East Providence on August 27!!! Sandra…please put this in calendar.

A great day for the Sisters and I look forward to future work with FarmFreshRI!!!

Thanks Sr Rosetta! You were a flower amongst the garden of diversity of Providence!


Dearly Yours,

N.SR Dearest Caught in Headlights

Author: Webmaster