Fuller Craft Museum Picnic for Mark Davis Exhibit

On Sunday, June 25, Sr. Eunice was joined by Sr. KrisTall, NSr. Felicia, NSr. Sandra, and supporters Jimmy, Bene, Paula, and Meg for an afternoon soiree commemorating the installation of a new piece by renown artist and Sister supporter Mark Davis at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts. This represented an entry into an entirely new segment of our community, in a suburb outside of Boston where the Boston Sisters are entirely unknown. Our participation was simply to support Mark and also to provide a ministry of presence, during which time we stayed out of the spotlight but took every opportunity to introduce ourselves and inform the many Nun-curious about The Sisters and our mission.

A highlight of the afternoon was the taking by Sr. KrisTall under her wing of octogenarian Lucille, who had come to the museum simply to read her paper and drink some coffee. KrisTall noted that Lucille was tentatively watching our celebration but apparently to timid to join in, and so our good Sister engaged and welcomed the older patron into our midsts to introduce her to the artist and also offer refreshments. Lucille was as sweet as she was grateful, and a good time was had by all.

We also were able to network both with the museum and some of the other patrons, who might hopefully connect us to other organizations who can use some Sisterly help.


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