Sharon Needles @ Club Cafe

On Thursday, nov 2nd, sr ima Miracle, rosetta stone and aspirant Penny Drive met at Ima’s in Malden to manifest. We learned that penny’s bum roll makes an excellent shelf, and a good place to rest things while out doing ministry work. We finished manifesting earlier than expected and were out the door and on the road by 7:20. Sylvia the parking goddess smiled upon the nuns with a free space on chandler st near fritz

Sandra Musique manifested at her home cloister and joined us at club cafe, after having been upgraded into an SUV by the car service. The car service clearly knew what they were dealing with and sent the best available.

After letting Constance know we were present, we sat a few moments and had a beverage and a quick bite, all the while the folks were lining up to get into the room for the VIP meet n greet. We sold our first set of tickets outside the room to a lesbian couple who came up to us at the table and were impressed by, and enthused about, the sisters.

Once in the room, it was raffle tix biz. Constance, resplendent in an Egyptian themed ensemble, complete with crown full of cockroaches, had the mic and brought out sharon needles, as well as let folks know the sisters were there to sell raffle tickets. Tickets were a tough sell in this crowd of mostly 20-something’s. Many responded that they had no cash, and we pointed them to the ATM just over there. We pushed through the sales, with reminders on the mic from Constance, while the crowd literally crowded the corner of the room by the stairs to the stage to get their opportunity for a meet and picture.

While Constance was winding down the meet and greet line (read: cutting it short), we finished raffle sales with a total of $316.00, leaving a prize of $158 to the potential winner. Before the line ended, Sharon needles came to us and asked for pictures with her. Sharon is a big fan of the sisters and was complimentary and grateful for our presence. We responded we were equally grateful for having the opportunity to sell raffle to raise $.

Once sharon was offstage, we went back on with Constance and pulled the winning raffle, which was Buck, the only leatherman present. We got a few spare dollars as donations that we added to our retained $158.

We hung out and interfaced with the crowd, and met some other folks outside the room who were waiting to get into the room for the show. Once sharon hit the stage and did her first number, ima, penny, and Rosetta were getting ready to go, while Sharon announced to the crowd that she was donating her tips from the number, and also spent time on the mic praising the sisters, what they mean to her, what they mean to the community, and why they should be supported by the community.

The total raised for the LGBT Asylum Support Task Force was $288, of which $158 was raffle proceeds and the rest substantially from Sharon Needle’s donated tips.

Lessons learned (in order of appearance):

Manifesting in ima’s dining room is akin to being in a shop window, the neighbors get the joy of a manifestation as well

Penny’s bum roll can easily support one of Rosetta’s size 12w hi-top leather chucks.

Penny learned about “the hat of silence”, and when wearing same, cannot repeat or reveal anything that Rosetta says, under threat that the hat will turn his brain onto liquid and suck it from his skull.

Selling raffle tix in a room of 20-something’s requires a minimum of four nuns, more would be better. We still have work to do with this age group to get them more aware of the sisters and community in general.

Sharon Needles is a fan and supporter.

Rosetta is actually perceived as attractive by some members of the audience, like “that” kind of attractive. Who knew?

Penny should not subconsciously volunteer to step into traffic in Rosie’s presence, and rob Rosie of the chance to push someone under a bus.

Getting changed on the street outside the car is a good way to attract a leatherman.

Repectfully submitted,

Her pushyness, Rosetta Stone

Author: Webmaster