Sister Bingo benefiting The Boston Sisters

On a sunny, but windy, July 13th, Sister Gloria LeLuia arrived at Club Café to begin setting up for our fourth anniversary Sister Bingo! After manifesting, she was greeted by Bingo co-host Mizery and Sisters KrisTall Mighty and Lida Christ.

After setting up the Bingo table and prizes, the Sisters, with the assistance of Postulant Katya Kizm and Sister Tori D’Affair, ran around selling tickets. Ticket sales were slow at first, but as the night picked up, so did the income. The money raised was for The Boston Sisters. It is the one-and-only fundraisers that The Sisters use for themselves. Money raised goes toward tax filing, website maintenance, and other important costs of running the corporation.

One of our newer Members, Postulant Katya Kizm, did a great job selling tickets, mingling with the crowd, and even called a round of Bingo with Sister Lida Christ. She was very energetic and a major asset to the evening.

The Sisters were pleased to receive a very generous “matching grant” from an anonymous friend of The Sisters. Every dollar raised that evening was matched, doubling our profits!!

And so, after four hours of Bingo, The Sisters called the final round and counted their cash. They were pleased to find that they raised a total of $615 which was then matched for a grand total of $1,230!! It was one of our most successful Bingos in the past 12 months, pushing us even closer to our goal of $50,000 by the year’s end!

Author: Webmaster