Bucket Drive for SKiP – Provincetown

KrisTall 7871

Greetings Dear Sisters and Supporters,

On Friday, July 24, Sisters Eunice X, KrisTall Mighty, Sandra Musique, and Lida Christ, as well as Novice Shiny Brite and Postulant Guard Ian Knight arrived in Provincetown. About 9:00 PM we hit Commercial Avenue and swung a bucket for Soup Kitchen in Provincetown, during which we greeted folks, spread the good word about the Ministry of Perpetual Indulgence and living a life practice of non-judgementalism, and raised $450 in cash donations in the process.

Then we relaxed a bit at the Boat Slip before heading back to deface and hit the sheets.

We were well received by the starting crowds of Family Week. And there was much rejoicing!

Author: Webmaster