Sister Bingo benefiting the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition


And so, another 28 days passed and The Boston Sisters descended upon Club Café like a pack of ravenous, but well-dressed, vultures. In attendance were Sisters Gloria LeLuia and Lida Christ, as well as Novice Shiny Brite and Postulant Ian Knight. Joining them was mainstay Bingo caller, Mizery.

At 4:30pm, Sister Gloria arrived at Club Café with a suitcase full of prizes, makeup, and clothing. She set up the Bingo table with gorgeous gift bags and assorted prizes and then went to the dressing room in back to put on her face. She was soon joined by Mizery who was a real trooper, having gone from one job to another to Bingo, staying up nearly 36 hours, but still running a fabulous Bingo evening!! Around 6:00pm, Sister Gloria and Mizery welcomed Sister Lida, Novice Shiny, and Postulant Ian to the dressing room. Sister Lida had put her face on in the car and dressed in a very suitable outfit of a biking shirt and matching face colors … sadly, it was suitable for September’s Bingo for Harbor to the Bay … not for tonight’s Bingo for the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition. Oh well, now she has practice for next month.

At 7:00pm, The Sisters and Mizery ran around the club, selling tickets, schmoozing with the patrons, and setting up for the first round of Bingo. It was unusually busy at Club Café for seven o’clock. Sister Gloria hoped that attendance was boosted through both Facebook propaganda as well as the MassTPC spreading the word to their friends and family. Just before beginning round three, Sister Gloria welcomed Mason Dunn to the microphone. Mason is the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition and acted as their spokesperson. After an incredibly touching and rousing speech, the crowd burst into applause in support of the amazing work the MassTPC does. Currently, they are working with legislators in Massachusetts and Washington, DC to make sure that all trans people are protected from discrimination in the state of Massachusetts.

The Sisters were also treated to “special guest stars” Saint “Constance the B-9” Waverly and Trampolina Glenellen. Constance and Trampy stopped by on their way to another event later in the evening and mingled and schmoozed and flirted and laughed with the patrons of Bingo and added even more glitter and sparkle to an already fabulous evening. In honor of former Bingo co-hostess Constance’s return, The Sisters played a special round with the prize being a “Saint Constance Waverly Memorial Candle” made by the company “Waverly” and smelling of sand dunes … much like Constance after a long week in Provincetown.

The real stars of the evening though were the brand new prizes!! There were five gift bags put together by Sisters Gloria, Frieda, and Sandra with names like: “The Self-Baptism Spa Kit,” “The Suck-It Sack,” “The Blow-Me Bag,” “The Back-to-School Bag,” and “The Sweet Tooth Pack.” Each bag was filled with various prizes related to its title. The Sisters also scored some great DVDs and Blu-Rays including Hook, Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Kick Ass, and a six DVD set of X-Men movies!! The crowd went wild for those. The Sisters also grabbed some “Prepare for Labor Day” prizes like a set of glasses, a burger press with recipe book, and a wooden beer caddy which holds six beer bottles with a metallic bottle opener on the side!

And so, finally, around 11pm, Sister Gloria and Mizery closed the final round, said goodnight to the crowd, counted their cash, and hauled butt out of there. All in all, the evening went incredibly smoothly and The Sisters managed to raise just over $450 for MassTPC!!

Author: Webmaster