GLAD Summer Party

We started our day with an out of face trip to the East End market where we met and thanked Mr. John Waters for all he has done for the Sisters, especially the inspiration he had on several of us in Boston (He did not know we had more than SF sisters. He will stop and talk to us when he has more time, but he is a “fan of or work”).

Off we went to the Pilgrim Monument. Despite multiple attempts, Luvinya and Rosie were able to dodge the Nun Bus as we made our way up the hill. St. Meg-a-Pixel was conscripted in the driving of our own Ms. Daisy, Sandra. Free parking is always appreciated and was granted for all of us.

We gathered and Rosie was able to corner the Events Coordinator as Johnny had to leave and come back. We did what we always do and we did it well. We were joined by a friend of Luvinya, Joseph Shapiro, and Meg Birnbaum joined to help us. Meg snapped away and Joseph did almost anything I asked him to.

This is the first year post-Robbie “St. So Just” Samuels and we made it a success. Thank you everyone.

We had Edie Windsor, Maura Healey, Maureen, Mary Bonauto, and Kate Clinton introduced after the talking points from Janson Wu. The live auction and the ask were a great success because of you all.  THANK YOU.

We then helped bid our friends farewell and we aggressively collected name tags. This is a task that we excel at and the organizers love that we have a great success rate (they use the tags to calculate attendance and getting them back is important. Really).

We went home defaced and we all met up for dinner at the food court and then headed back to the Buoy Bar and had a few more drinks with McKenzie and his boyfriend Lester. Tons of fun and then we headed home.

The next morning, The Sisters all headed back to Boston. It was a great time and a great event.

Author: Webmaster