Sister Bingo for Little Rhody Animal Rescue


On a briskly cold and wet Monday evening, January 12, 2015, Sisters Rosetta Stone, Gloria LeLuia, Sandra Musique, Tori D’Affair, and Postulants Angela Merci and Shiny Brite arrived at Club Café for our monthly Sister Bingo. The Sisters began their rounds distributing the free Club Café bingo cards as well as selling the Sister Bingo cards and educating the group about the January Beneficiary, Little Rhody Animal Rescue. This rescue is a 501C3 charity from Rhode Island who saves dogs and puppies from kill shelters in Tennessee, transports them up north, vaccinates, fixes, and microchips them and then places them in their forever homes.

Around 7:15, we began to call our first bingo. Sisters KrisTall Mighty and Lida Christ joined the group and went through the crowd again to make sure everyone had the opportunity to purchase a Sister Bingo card. A lot of our generous patrons donated money to Little Rhody Rescue without participating in Bingo.

Kate from Little Rhody Animal Rescue came to Bingo and had a blast! She spoke to the patrons about her rescue informing them how far $5 and $20 can go. Postulants Angela and Shiny called the Bingo numbers for the first time this evening and did a fabulous job with entertaining color commentary from Rosie and Tori, respectively.

We had some great prizes donated to us from Kate at Little Rhody Rescue including an Olive Garden gift card, Dunkin Donuts gift card, t-shirts, and margarita mix (she had brought Tequila but unfortunately we were unable to award that as a prize). We also had a good reception with our “Florida Gift Pack” which included Disney Mickey Mouse pen holder & business card holder as well as a ruler (you must be THIS tall to ride), and bath salts. We also had numerous entrée, dessert, and cash gift certificates from Club Café. I believe Rosie is extremely happy with the amount of Disney prizes we gave out as her tote was far lighter on her return home.

We had success with Rosie’s 10 at 10 as well as our rim job round; the crown loved the bawdy banter. We began our last Bingo game around 10:30PM and wrapped up for the night around 11PM. We were able to raise $350 in cash and credit card donations for Little Rhody Rescue. We also received one donation of paper towels much to the delight of Kate.

Author: Webmaster