Nunch: the Nun Brunch

IMG_3858Congratulations are in order for all Nuns who participated in the planning and execution of Nunch: the Nun Brunch. Approximately $2,000 was raised for the Boston Sisters’ Community Grant Fund, a restaurant that is supportive of the community was supported in turn, and we created an event that people enjoyed.

Thanks to everyone who spread the word about Nunch. Sister Frieda B Fabulous did an excellent job of posting the event to the website. Sister Lida Christ created a Facebook event that drew many people. Postulant Angela Merci sent multiple emails to our lists advertising the event. All Nuns contributed by sharing the event with their Facebook friends.

Nuns began arriving at Club Cafe at 9:15 A.M. Sister Rosetta Stone and Novice Donna Condom oversaw the final stages of table set up, counting the number of chairs available and confirming the seating plan for the event while Sister Tori D’Affair set up her piano on stage.

Guests began to arrive around 11:15. Rosie and Sister Luvinya Always are to be commended for improvising when technical difficulties appeared during check-in. Next time, two lines should be formed: one for pre-bought tickets and one for ticket sales at the door. While Tori played music, guests found their seats and partook of the buffet.

Lida, the Mistress of Entertainment, opened the ceremony by introducing Sisters KrisTall Mighty, Mistress of the Raffle, and Sandra Musique, Abbess. Guests enjoyed the music of David Jiles, the comedy of Nonye Brown-West, Emily Ruskowski, and Sam Johnson. Postulants Katya Kizm, Angela Merci, and Shiny Brite educated the crowd about pre-exposure prophylaxis.

Sister Gloria LeLuia, outgoing Mistress of Grants, hosted the Granting Ceremony and introduced each of the Grant Recipients. In total, we disbursed $3,250 for five organizations, including Zeitgeist Stage Company, Provincetown Theater, Brighter Boston, North Shore Health Program, and Camp Kita. Tori assisted Gloria by filling out the giant checks for photo opportunities with the Grantees.

KrisTall brought Jimmy and Sebastian to the stage to draw raffle tickets. The auction winners were announced. Through raffle sales, silent auction bids, and ticket sales, we raised just over $2,000 for the Grants Fund.

Sandra closed the ceremony and the Nuns dispersed around 3:10pm, returning the space to Club Cafe.

Author: Webmaster