Sister Santa Bingo

On Monday December 11, 2017 Postulant Sister Bee Big had the distinct pleasure of hosting Drag Bingo with Misery and the ebullient Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at Club Cafe in Boston’s South End.    The evenings proceeds were earmarked for our Sister Santa charity.

At 5 pm I was met by Sister Lida Christ and Sister Edna Clouds who was graciously visiting us from Cardiff, Wales.   We proceeded to unload gifts and get set up for the evenings festivities.    We were joined shortly after by Sisters Theresa Glass and Rosetta Stone bearing gifts.     Later in the evening we were further joined by Sisters May Flower, Aria Inyette, Krystal Mighty, Eunice X, Postulant Jasmine Ann Liquor, Aspirant Andrew and colorful friend of the Sisters, Trampolina.    

Just before Bingo commenced Sisters canvassed the room selling Bingo cards.   Sister Teresa instructed me in the fine art form of being charming and twisting arms to contribute to our Bingo charity of Sister Santa.   Club Cafe Manager Mike was there with his mother, Carol, who brought gifts directly for our Sister Santa offerings.   We were also joined by my friend Matt and his entourage who brought a Santa’s sleigh worth of toys for kids as well.    

Mizery was in excellent form as always, despite a hurt ankle. Nearly all the nuns present called a round or two of Bingo including visiting Sister Edna who was so inspired by our event that she vowed to bring it to their chapter and many pubs in Great Britain.    

Just after 11 pm we shut down for the evening.    I took all the donated childrens toys with me and have them at the Big House to be distributed at a later date.   

A good time appeared to have been had to all, and to all a good night!

Author: May