Trans Day of Remembrance

Dear Sisters, Esteemed Guard and Friends/Supporters

On Sunday afternoon, Sister Sandra Musique, Sister Gloria LeLuia (Retired) and Sister Heidi Sins met up in Dorchester to manifest.  We were soon joined by Aspirant Andrew as we were finalizing our manifestations and preparing to head out to the Church of Saint Paul, facing the Boston Common, for the annual Trans Day of Remembrance Vigil.

Upon arriving at the Church at around 5:40 PM, we took up our posts in the entry vestibule of the Church, and welcomed attendees as they arrived for the very somber event.  We were soon joined by Postulant Bee Big. At around 6:30 PM, the Service started with welcome speeches by the Chairperson of the Board (of the event organizers) – Chastity –  and the Master/Mistress of Ceremonies.  This was followed by very moving recollections of the respective “journeys” of a few Trans-gendered speakers – some of which were shared, were truly harrowing, and very emotional.

Upon conclusion of the recollections, a Plea for Donations was made, and the Sisters started sending baskets around the pews.  Upon conclusion of the collection, we withdrew from the event to count the funds (with a member of the organizing board present), and the evenings donations amounted to $1’667.34.

This allowed us a timely return to attend the Candlelight Vigil portion of the evening, and the reading of the names of murdered Transgendered people worldwide.

Once the names were all called a Minute of Silence was observed, and then the MC announced that this event, even though it is very emotionally laden and somber, is really a celebration – they announced that “Cristal” (a local Drag Queen?) will perform, and that attendees are welcome to join in.

Upon conclusion of the event (around 8:00 PM), the Sisters took their spot in the entry vestibule again, thanking attendees for coming, connecting with old friends of the Sisters, posing for pictures, and trying to spread some joy at the end of a very moving event.  We were thanked by the organizers, as some of the attendees went downstairs to enjoy a meal provided by generous sponsors.

The Sisters strolled over to the Alley Bar to let our hair down a bit – Sandra “killed” it at Karaoke, and belted out 2 songs… “Ursula” was very much channeled! It was nice seeing some of the attendees from the previous night’s Bear/Cub competition, and we received a fair bit of attention from the Alley patrons.

At around 10 PM, Postulant Kevin took a “Lyft/Uber” to his residence, and the remaining Sisters headed back to Dorchester to demanifest.

A very moving night indeed, and I am personally very happy that we could have been present at a powerful event supporting our Trans-gendered Brothers and Sisters.

With much love and respect,

Heidi xoxoxo

Author: May