Sister Santa Bucket Drive – Boston


On a rainy and slightly cold December sixth, co-Point Nuns Gloria LeLuia & Sandra Musique were joined at the Convent by Sister Frieda B Fabulous, Novice Donna Condom, and Postulant Katya Kizm for communal facing before heading out for a bucket drive through the streets and bars of Boston. After facing was done and Sisters Sandra and Gloria recorded a video to promote our upcoming Sister Bingo at Club Café, we bid adieu to the Convent with a bucket and umbrellas in tow.

Unfortunately, the streets of Boston were rather barren due to the inclement weather, but The Sisters pushed on anyway. We received a few donations from passers-by [as well as some strange looks and curious glances] and took some photos with the good people wandering Boylston Street. After a while, it became painfully clear that the rain-soaked streets were not going to be the gold mine they are during the summer months, and so The Sisters decided to hit up some of the local bars.

Our first stop was Boston’s newest homosexual hang-out, Cathedral Station. We had told the management a couple days ago that we would be arriving and they were thrilled to have us come visit. Upon walking through the door, we ran into former Novice Busta Nutt out for a night with her friends (in boy form) and had a lovely chat with her before moving on to the rest of the patrons. After mingling with everyone in the bar, The Sisters decided to take a food break to recharge their batteries. We sat down, enjoyed some delicious appetizers and drinks, and answered questions from those who passed our table.

Once done stuffing our faces, we did round two around the bar and, since it was later in the evening, and people had had a few more cocktails, everyone seemed much more generous to our cause. We also ran into a gentleman who absolutely adores The Sisters and met a few of us at the recent HRC gala. He was disappointed that Sister Eunice X (his favorite) was unable to attend the bucket drive, but he made do with the Sisters who were there.

After exhausting our resources at Cathedral for a few hours, The Sisters packed up and shipped out to visit The Eagle, another of Boston’s bars. It seemed very clear from our two encounters, that people just weren’t out and about this night as, like Cathedral, The Eagle was nearly empty. But The Sisters used that opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with each and every patron and really get to know people. As this was Donna’s first outing as a Novice and Katya’s first as a Postulant, it was a great way to ease them into the whole “bar ministry, elevator speech” experience. And they both did phenomenally well!

Around 12am, The Sisters decided it was time to head home, so we packed up our stuff and headed out into the still-raining night. Once back at the Convent, The Sisters counted their take and totaled the cash at 172 dollars for our Sister Santa program; enough to buy presents and stockings for almost five kids! It was very clear that what started as a bucket drive quickly became a bar ministry of cheer, laughter, dancing, and introductions. While the money raised was less than expected, the night was a huge success and tons of fun for all involved.

Author: Webmaster