Sister Santa Penny Drive – Provincetown

On Friday, 12/5, Sisters Luvinya Always, Eunice X, Kristall, and Rosetta Stone trekked down to Ptown, blessed by the HOV lane the south side of the city.

The nuns gathered at the Rose & Crown, the unofficial convent annex for the weekend.

Friday night, merriment and consuming of libations ensued (in other words, we took license of the ministry of perpetual indulgence to live as happily and satisfied as possible).   We were joined by Austin, who is becoming used to being an innkeeper to the mysteries of the nun.

Saturday, we manifested to be on the streets of Ptown by 1pm.  Despite the gloom, and the drizzle (we brought golf umbrellas), the bucket cherry was quickly popped by virtue of two men from NYC we ran into in front of Joe’s Coffee.

After going thru Bayside Betsy’s, with permission of the staff, we hit our stride, being the recipients of the generosity of others in the rain. Eunice particularly brought her “A” game out, setting example of making certain we all spoke to everyone who caught our eyes (unlike summer, the weather and size of crowd necessitated this approach).

Opportunities were also taken to request donations from merchants, as we progressed Commercial Street. We had some luck, and some follow up will be needed with a few others.

By the time we reached Town Hall, we had exhausted 2+ hrs of continual “ask”, and the rain increasing in volume, we began our return trip, gathering a few more donations.  Upon return to the Rose & Crown, de-manifesting commenced, we documented the funds raised, then headed to dinner.

After dinner, we enjoyed the holiday concert that the Provincetown Business Guild held at Town Hall featuring the Boston Gay Mens Chorus, which proceeds went to benefit the Provincetown AIDS Memorial effort.  A quick de-layering of winter wear occurred back at the convent annex before heading out once again to Purgatory (how apropos for nuns to go minister at) where the after concert party for the chorus was held.

Overall bucket funds raised was $645+.

Author: Webmaster