Special Drag Bingo Benefiting Broadway Cares

On Monday, April 21, 2014 Novice Sister Tori D’Affair and Sister Sandra Musique joined Saint Constance Waverly and the cast and crew of the first national tour of Book of Mormon to raise money for a special edition of Sisters Bingo for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. The Mormons, as they were called all night, had a ton of amazing prizes to give away to Tori wasted no time hitting the floor selling bingo cards. When Sandra arrived she grabbed a roll of raffle tickets and Elder Bucky and headed off to sell fuck-tons of tickets. It was clear right away that Bucky needed no help from Sandra so she made sure that Constance had bingo backup and kept her Swipe handy for people needed to pay with credit cards.
The crowd was insane. Whether it was from the Marathon, the BoM gang, Constance’s stalkers, or what the room was packed and the people generous. By the end of the night we had raised over $1,500 in bingo cards, raffle tickets and tips from a drag queen touring with the show, but it didn’t stop there. We had a generous donor give us $100 if a Mormon would be willing to strip to his holy undergarments. We did one better. Constance and Bucky managed to get matching donations for 2 other Mormons and so by the time Sandra dragged herself into an Uber we had raised $1,857 (less Square fees)! What a great night.
We’re now over $32,000 for Bingo! At this rate we may even break $35,000 by the time we celebrate 3 years of Bingo this July. I’m so happy that this little experiment has made such an impact on so many charities.

Author: Webmaster