Fenway Health Men’s Event

On Saturday, April 26, Point Nun Eunice X and Sister KrisTall Mighty went shopping for party favors for our hosted table at The Men’s Event.

Later that afternoon, Sister Eunice was joined at The Convent for communal facing by Sisters Rosetta Stone, Frieda B. Fabulous, KrisTall Mighty, and Sandra Musique, as well as by Novice Sisters Lida Christ, Gloria LeLulia, Tori d’Affair, and Luvinya Always.

We left The Convent and traveled by various means to the Copley Square Marriott, decorated our table faster than Mary Poppins could have, and then split up to cover both the upstairs and downstairs receptions.  Within about half an hour it was time to herd the handsome masses into the dining room.  So up from the VIP reception to the main floor and then across the main floor into the hall we went, sweeping the pretty boys, distinguished men, and the rare but very much appreciated female guest right along with us.

As the program got underway we greeted our own table guests and then stayed to the side until the live auction got underway.  We spread ourselves across the floor to the cheers of “Here come the Nuns!” from the emcee, Jimmy Tingle.  The auction itself was crazy, bringing in $30,000 alone for a two different dinners for 10 by a local chef in the winners’ home.  Yeah he was pretty and I think gay, but $15000 per winner for one dinner?  Seriously?  But I digress.

At the dinner segment, we encircled Mayor Menino and sainted him as “Saint Beacon on the Hill”, also giving he and his wife a few Into The Habit decks and our party favor boxes.

Lida was a force to be reckoned with.  She sold most of our Into The Habit card decks and then just kept asking for money for the campaign.  And she scored over $700 almost by herself, although I did see Sister KrisTall bring in a neat little pile of cash as well.  If not for a Joyful Noise already being booked, I would have said this could be her Novice Project!  The campaign really needed a financial boost, so thank you.

We were on the floor for the “ask”, and then for the dancing afterwards. And per usual, we said goodnight to many of the guests from the top of the escalators.

We were well recognized and very clearly appreciated.  Having nine Nuns was so very powerful in terms of a ministry of presence, and it was such a great showing – so thanks to all who came.

And there was much rejoicing.

Much love and respect,

Sister Eunice

Author: Webmaster