Spooky Bear Weekend 2010

The report from the pointy nuns for spookybear.

Ana and I manifested on Friday nite, as Dearest’s class schedule didn’t allow him to get from Providence to Provincetown in time to manifest.

The streets were a little bare, mostly due to the cold weather, so attempting to collect funds for the Convent through pix with the public was abandoned–lack of folks asking for photo’s on the street. However, there was one tipsy gentleman out and about who was very interested in what the Sisters do/are, and we urged him to please contact us about his interest in joining.

We were comp’d into the Saints and Sinners event @ the Crown and Anchor and made our way through the crowded room. Lots of opportunity to inject ourselves into the crowd. We passed out a number of business cards and got some longer time with a young’un from Gloucester who was pumped about the Sisters being in Boston, and also urged him to please contact us about his interest in joining. We asked him also to ‘like’ the Commonwealth Convent and to friend any of the Boston Sisters on Facebook, so he could stay connected.

A lot of time was spent talking with Tim, Mr Intl Bootblack, as well as the current Mr. Boston Leather, whose contest we had attended in the recent past.

We learned that dancing in platform shoes gives you an amazing quadruceps workout. We also learned that getting up and down off the dance boxes in the Paramount @ the Crown & Anchor in platforms is “interesting” and not for the faint of heart, or those without assistance.

We called it a nite some tiem after 12:30, mostly due to the cold weather and the weakened legs.

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