Super Sunday Condom Ministry

Condom Ministry

Around 8:30pm NvSr Lida Christ curled her way into the Boston waterfront….

She manifested with Brother Bimbo Del Doppio Senso and chatted abit about her/his extensive membership

We left the hotel and was immediately come upon by a stranger in the hallway

He handed us 100.00 donation which will be placed in the new grant fund

We made it to club café around 1050 after picking up BOY (IMA) and found out that the dance floor ends at 11pm do to licensing…

Sr Sandra and Sr Frieda joined up in face looking lovey… a few drinks where had, and condoms handed out.

WE hoofed it over to the eagle where we made another dollar aimed at the grant fund…


All in all it was a fun night, learned a good lesson about club café on a Sunday…

Author: Webmaster