Thanksgiving with Thundermist

On Thanksgiving day, November 28th 2019, Guard Isaiah prayer met Sister Rosetta Stone, Guard Ian Knight, and Sister Shiny Bright at Zuccalo Rec Center in providence Rhode Island. Attendees for Thundermist’s Thanksgiving Lunch had started to arrive, and the organizer, Lauren, was busy getting everything ready!


We greeted guests as they arrived, and explained who we were, and what we stood for. Most importantly, we listened to people’s stories, and heard what they had to say. Many attendees said that without this event, they’d have no where else to go. We continued to mingle, and joined some people for games and selfies. Mirth and joy were spread!


Around two o’clock, we departed for home, but not before we took a group photo!


This was a truly touching and inspiring event. It was a beautiful reminder of the direct impact we have on our communities.

Author: May