Mr. New England Leather

Hello, my pretties!

On the chilly night of November 23rd Srs. May Flower, Shiny Brite, and Peg M. Hardt converged on the people of Provincetown to attend this years Mr. New England Leather.
Upon arrive at The Crown and Anchor the sisters familiarized themselves with the many fabulous gifts being raffled off for the evening. We sold raffle tickets by hundreds by using the tickets to do a consensual, and extremely accurate, in-seam measurement with all of the proceeds benefiting AIDS support.
Sr. Shiny spearheaded our tradition of blessing a leather arm band that would be presented to the winner. The sisters went around to the contestants and those in attendance and had everyone imbue the armband with good energy…amongst other things (I’ll let your mind wander!)
Sr. May Flower led the blessing of the event to begin the competition, and things went underway.
After a very close competition Roberto Cuero was entitled our Mr. New England Leather 2020!
The sisters helped clear the raffle, and bid adieu to wonderful people in attendance. Before headed home to demanifest the sisters OF COURSE enjoyed some local pizza.
Much fun was had by all!
Yours in purity,
Sr. May Flower
Forever in bloom~

Author: May