Transgendered Day of Remembrance

On Sunday, Sister Heidi Sins was joined by Sister Sandra Musique, Novice Sister Pax and Saint Meg-A-Pixel for manifestation in Dorchester.  A prompt departure was made to Dewey Square for a 4:35 PM arrival.  Here we were met by a small crown of marchers.  Soon more marchers arrived, and the Sisters were asked to carry the banner and the picture of Rita Hester – a transgendered woman who was killed 20 years ago in her Allston apartment – to whom this evening March was dedicated. A group of about 100 marchers gathered just before 5 PM, and we were warmly greeted by the organizers, a few speakers addressed the crowd, we practiced some chants, and then the march started just after 5 PM.  The chanting March travelled down Summer Street, then onto Winter Street and finally turning onto Tremont Street towards the entrance of the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul were the Vigil was held.

Upon arrival at the Church, the Sisters interacted with some of the attendees, took pictures, chatted to a few familiar faces (both of our events, or events that we support). Soon after the Vigil started with a celebration of the results of Question 3, some very moving speeches by members of various Trans Support Groups in the area, a few first-hand accounts of Transgendered people in the Boston area, and some entertainment – a Spoken Word piece, an original composition by a Malawian Artist, and a drag performance by a transgendered drag queen from Providence.

During the Vigil the Sisters assisted with the collection, and retreated to count it – the collection totaled $1’001.24 (Witnessed by Tamra Tucker – Clergy from the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul) bringing the total funds raised for this event to over $10’000.

Upon our return to the Church, the reading of the names of murdered Transgendered people was in progress, and this was, yet again, very harrowing.  Soon after the Vigil ended, and as a parting message, all attendees were reminded that the fight for equal rights is still very much on-going, and in need of all of our support, the Sisters bid attendees a fond farewell, or provided directions to the potluck dinner hosted in the basement of the Church.

The Sisters and Saint Meg-A-Pixel left the Church at about 8:15 PM, and headed to “The Alley” for a few libations.  Here we were very warmly received, and there were opportunities for interactions and pictures with the patrons.  Sister Sandra signed up to perform a Karaoke Number, and belted out “Poor Unfortunate Souls” (originally sung by “Ursula” in “The Little Mermaid”).  Her performance was met by huge applause and congratulations – she completely nailed it!

We departed back to Dorchester soon after for de-manifestation, shared “Nut Roll” (freshly baked by Sister Heidi’s husband), and a trick display by Sophia the Pooch.

A somber and moving, yet enjoyable and inspirational evening was had by all.

Much love and respect,

Heidi xoxoxo


Photo Credit: Meg Birnbaum

Author: May