Trivial Pursuit: Live!

Sisters Gloria LeLuia, Sandra Music, and Shiny Brite all met up at Gloria’s house, The Pumpkin Priory, on August first, 2019. They gathered for a very special reason – the first ever pub trivia night hosted by The Boston Sisters … Trivial Pursuit: Live! The event was created after Gloria received an email from Athena, a manager/owner of Adventure Pub in Arlington. Having seen many other events thrown by The Sisters, Athena wanted them to come down to her venue for a fun night of games and prizes! And as Adventure Pub is a board game themed gastropub, what better way to engage the community than with Trivial Pursuit come to life?!

And so, The Sisters piled into their rideshare car – portable speaker, microphones, laptop, and prizes in tow – and headed to Arlington! Once there, they met up with Athena who helped them set up the projector and microphones. After being joined shortly thereafter by Novices Pax and Isaiah Prayer, The Sisters waited for the crowd to arrive and had some delicious nibbles and drinks. As this was the first time for this event – and the first time in this venue – The Sisters were a bit nervous about what the size of the crowd would be. But much to their delight, their fears were allayed because the room filled up quickly and they had seven eager trivia teams ready to go!! And boy, were they a great crowd – loud, funny, joyful, and kind. We couldn’t have asked for a better inaugural run. And these teams came to have fun, too, with team names like We’re Probably Cheating, Nunya Business, Wombat Cubes, and Sister Fact II: Back in the Pub.

True to Trivial Pursuit, The Sisters had six categories – Arts and Entertainment, Science and Nature, History, Geography, Sports and Games, and Wild Card. The Sisters got to choose the Wild Card category and so, of course, chose Famous Nuns! Some of the questions were easy … some of the questions were hard … and some of the questions were trick. The Sisters felt it was important to have a nice balance (did you know that Tennessee Williams was born in Mississippi? Or that Paris is Burning takes place in New York City?). We’re Probably Cheating had a rocky start as they were in last place after the first couple of rounds, but made a miraculous return as they hit third place before the bonus round! Sister Fact II: Back in the Pub, however, were in a strong and steady first place from the beginning until the final round. As the rounds went on, everyone was so grateful that Sisters Sandra and Gloria decided to give hints after each question was asked. For example … “In 1960, which nation became the first to have a female Prime Minister? … Hint: It’s not the United States.” They were SO helpful.

Once points were tallied from the first six rounds, each team was allowed to wager any amount of their points on the final question – category: Primetime Television Game Shows. The question was asked and the teams scurried to answer, most finishing within the first minute. Once all of the answer sheets were collected, the points were tallied one last time and the scores were announced. One team, known as Blood Magic, got the question incorrect and had bet all of their points, landing them in the bottom slot. But they received a round of applause for having the guts to bet it all. We’re Probably Cheating started the game in last, but after sweeping a couple of rounds (including Famous Nuns), ended in second! It was a true underdog story. And as a surprise to no one, Sister Fact II ran away with the title, after betting all of their points and answering the final question correctly (the answer, by the way, was Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?). This time around, The Sisters compiled prize bags for the winners. Four bags were given to the four team members and included a Family Feud card game, a Boston Sisters prayer candle and sticker, and custom swag from Adventure Pub, including a custom dice bag (with dice), a bottle opener, and a gorgeous enamel pin!

As The Sisters cleaned up, the crowd began to mingle more with each other. People approached The Sisters to ask questions and The Sisters went into the crowd to chat! Everyone seemed to have an amazing time – even Blood Magic. The event was full of laughter, camaraderie, joy, and lots of super fun facts!! As they were leaving, The Sisters were approached John, another of Adventure Pub’s co-owners, who said that they would LOVE to have The Sisters back to do this again! We shall see … !

Author: May