Club Cafe Bingo – August

On the evening of Monday, August 12th, Novice Sister Edith Morass met Sister Gloria Leluia and Mizery (AKA Saint Death-Drop Gorgeous) in the dressing room of Club Café. Faces were painted, and friendly shade was thrown. We were soon met by Aspirant David, Sister May Flowers, and Sister Angie O’Plasty. We were ready to get Bingo going!

Novice Sister Edith went and introduced herself to Maureen Cavanaugh, the founder of Magnolia New Beginning (our beneficiary for the evening). We thanked her for her immensely generous prize donations, and told her how excited we were for bingo.

Soon thereafter, we mingled with the crowd, and sold bingo cards. The crowd was buzzing with excitement, and Club Café was busy with happy patrons. Sister Gloria and Mizery got the first round of bingo going, and the night was off to a roaring start!

Maureen came to the mic and educated the crowd about the amazing work Magnolia New Beginnings does by giving scholarships and financial assistance to people living sober lives while recovering from their battles with addiction. She said that every $500 supports one person in need of sober living.

Over the course of the evening, we called several rounds of bingo, and raffeled off a catered lunch for 10 by iCater (one of the amazing prizes donated). Laughs were had, Bingo prizes were won, and many pictures were taken. Mizery performed a fabulous number to the crowd’s delight!

At the end of the night, we tallied the totals and after some difficult math, we announced we had raised $1,225 for Magnolia New Beginnings. The sisters began to pack the bingo supplies up, one final beverage was had, and many goodnights were said. All in all, a very successful evening!

Author: May