Victory Programs (BLC) Dinnerfest

Dear Sisters,

On Sunday, April 27, Point Nun Sister Eunice X was joined at The Convent for communal facing by Sister KrisTall Mighty, Novice Sister Gloria LeLuyia, and newly minted Postulant Decoda Apple.  My I first say that Decoda did an outstanding job with her first white-face.  She was subtle and beautiful, and she looked every bit the young initiate in her long schmata.

We left The Convent in plenty of time to arrive at the Red Lantern by our 2:45 PM call time.  Right away we were greeting by Sales Manager Kerry Lynch, who  informed us that they had christened a drink in our honor, The Perpetual Indulgence.  Think cosmo, only way better!

We spent the afternoon in pairs, a good match up for the size of the crowd and space.  We sold raffle tickets that were formally 1-for-$5 or 5-for-$20.  In truth, the patrons were so generous and ready to contribute that nearly every sale was for some multiple of $20.  A great trick was that the organizers for Victory Programs set it up so people could use their silent auction bid cards to pay for the raffle tickets.  Easy-peasy!

     In total, we raised $2,150, including a $60 in straight-up cash donations (see thank you note below).  Then at 6:00 PM we retired to The Convent to deface and go on our merry ways.  And there was much rejoicing.

Much love and respect,

Sr. Eunice

Author: Webmaster